Finally, Software Specifically for Google Ad Grants

You think your nonprofit might be a good candidate for a Google Ad Grant. How easy is it to get and use?

The 400+ step application process is unfortunately only the first piece of the Google Ad Grant puzzle. Once you receive approval, you face the challenge of making sure your account is ‘compliant’ based on ever-changing Ad Grant rules and conditions. Furthermore, you still have to piece together ad campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, and keywords to increase your chances of actually being seen by your target audience, or anyone at all, for that matter.

The Google Ad Grants program is an incredible opportunity, when properly managed. However, after significant trial and error, many nonprofits hang their head and ask, “Is all this even worth it?”

We know these challenges firsthand. After years of working closely with Google Ads, previously called Google AdWords, and after experiencing all of the perks and frustrations involved, we decided that there must be an easier way. Promoter Motor was our answer.

We believe firmly that humans should never perform tasks by hand that machines can handle more quickly and accurately. Promoter Motor is  user-friendly software that provides a space to organize and generate all necessary elements of an optimized Ads account, all while ensuring every campaign, keyword, and ad remain completely compliant with Google’s standards.

Promoter Motor saves time and spurs creativity by generating new ad templates and website suggestions monthly to help accounts remain relevant in Google searches. It is designed to adjust automatically to provide the best possible ad performance.

You believe your nonprofit might be a good candidate for Google Ad Grants? Don’t flounder with a tedious process ahead; allow expertly-developed software to do the work for you, provide you with the best marketing results for your Ad Grant budget, while saving you the headache.

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